Monday, January 7, 2013

We need Whatsapp back for 3.1.3

many thanks to Waldo MacTavish for this word , use it on whatsapp timeline :

Dear Whatsapp,

The intent of this is not to threaten your company. In fact, I'm thus far, pleased with your service, until recently. In your sudden and abrupt termination of Whatsapp service to iPhone 3G users, like me, I would like to inform you, with justifications from legal standpoint, that such actions are not reasonable and fair, and very likely to open Whatsapp to legal liabilities. Your action reasonably constitutes to a repudiatory breach of contract for the following reasons:

1) Stating the obvious (necessary as circumstances shows a clear miscomprehension of terms), this paid service makes the contract term of "providing of messaging services" by Whatsapp a condition of the contract. Under your legal agreement, quote: "ANY INTERRUPTION OR CESSATION OF TRANSMISSION TO OR FROM OUR SERVICE", does not indemnify Whatsapp from such cessation of service. Firstly and clearly, it is the breach of contract term. Secondly, the contradiction of such exemption clause is obvious because activation of such exemption clause results in the denial of us, the end users, the whole benefit of the contract, and hence, consequently, this clause must be void.

2) You have no reasonable grounds to terminate your service. None of your stated reasons such as discontinuation of iOS updates for iPhone 3G give rise to good claims that you have reasons to not, or rendered incapable of providing service. iPhone 3G was launched 4 years ago. It is not at all reasonable to discontinue service for a product age of only 4 years. Seemingly, your public address on your official blog stating, "Apple has stopped supporting old iOS versions and old iPhones in their most recent version 4.5 of Xcode, which is the tool (the only tool) that engineers use to make iPhone apps", seeks to draw a parallel line of blame towards Apple or an attempt to shift it over. However, Apple did not incapacitate your ability to use the previous tool that still supports iPhone 3G, or deny you from allowing the last version of Whatsapp compatible with iPhone 3G to remain usable. Doing what you did is tantamount to denying usuability of a device, say, a printer, that used to work on Windows 7, by forcing an irreversible driver upgrade to disable its functions, because Windows 8 came out, and it was made to work with only the latest OS. Not only does that not make sense, it is a violation of contract terms.

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